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New Years Eve on Jet Skis 2019


Fun First!
Who's keen on Fireworks from the best view on the water?!?
We're heading out from the Grand ramp at around 4pm and will then go for a ride for a while.
At around 6.00pm we'll go back to the Grand and grab some Fish and Chips (or BYO picnic) and then we'll head over to wavebreak to watch the show.
The Fireworks are on in Harley Park at 8pm so we'll have a birds eye view.
Afterwards were heading back to the Jet Ski Shack for a few bevvies and a swim.
As always everyones welcome to join us :)

You will need:

A full tank of fuuel
Navi Lights
Working waterproof torch
V Sheet and Flares
Level 50 Life Jacket
Money for dinner or BYO Picnic

We hope to see you then!!!


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