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Don't trust Lisa Barsby #AquaX with your events!

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It's about time this was cleared up as it's beginning to have a terrible effect on some people caught up in a bucket of lies and deceit.

1. Back in March last year I finally received an opportunity to potentially have some Jet Ski exhibition events included in the X Games.
This came about from my discussions with one of the producers of X Games Australia.
In short if we got a budget together we could have showcased our sport to the X Games viewers. I had been trying to get this opportunity for years.
The original post is here:

2. Daz Keal was still with the AJSA so we spoke to Lisa Barsby from AquaX racing to see if they would like to be involved with the event.

3. There was a fair bit of jealousy evident early. I spoke to Scott from the IJSBA and he said he had been trying for X Games for years. He said he didn't believe me and I was happy to leave it at that. We didn't need a washed up incompetent jealous old promoter to run the event.

4. We had a lovely offer from Riva to assist with the event but no one else was interested in investing in their industry.
When we refer to Jet Skiing as an industry it means from those with a financial interest.
When we refer to Jet Skiing as a sport it means from those who have invested in the recreational side of the sport for their own enjoyment.

5. I spoke at length to Lisa Barsby regarding Aqua X involvement. After consideration we made a decision that Aqua X was wanting too much money to be involved and were not offering anything we couldn't do ourselves. Daz Keal was informed of this decision. We suspect it filtered back to Lisa via Daz as we never spoke to her again.

6. Lisa Barsby desperately tried to get the event for herself and attempted to then contact X Games Australia. As she had no contacts she evidently went through the facebook page and messaged them. She asked them if they know about the Jet Ski racing opportunity. Obviously hoping to take on the event for herself.
Through facebook messenger she was eventually connected to an event organiser. This persons job is to do whatever the producers instruct her to do.

As we had not yet raised the funding required to include Jet Skiing, the event organizer had no idea about the possible inclusion of Jet Skis and told Lisa this.
Therefore as Lisa had gone behind our backs like a desperate, unprofessional, sleezy con, she had consequently been given incorrect information.

7. The producers had no idea this conversation had taken place until a few weeks later. They then informed the event organiser that Jet Skis were indeed under discussion but as there had not been a budget raised the Jet Ski event would not be going ahead.

8. Lisa then went to work to spread her lies as far and wide as she could. Her jealousy of us doing more for the sport than she's managed to do spread the lies far and wide.
We were blissfully unaware of this pathetic behavior and to this day find it difficult to believe that she could do this to their sport/industry. It was a brilliant opportunity to brand our sport. We ALL would have benefited.

9. Running Jet Ski TV, Jet Ski Club, Jet Ski Services, JetSki.XXX, the Australian Jet Ski Association, writing and publishing the Amazon best seller for Jet Skiers and a Children's book to encourage our next gen of racers - and representing the sport as a subject matter expert doesn't always make you popular with those that suffer a lack of self esteem.

Many people would love the gift of working in our sport but few are prepared to give up everything else, as we have, to accomplish it.
There are those that just can't cope so jealously kicks in and their emotions take control.

Jeff Christenson - AKA Lakeford–-fake-news-expert.3033/
Jeff has been extremely jealous of us and Jet Ski TV since he was released from prison and brought himself a Jet Ski.
When he entered the sport he quickly attracted the attention of the authorities with bad behavior on the water and we decided to avoid him. Jeff undertook an exercise to copy every move we made but was unable to do anything more than have a facebook page.
For the reasons of not being accepted and unable to compete he decided to try and undermine our reputation in every way possible.
Daz Keal had been replaced in the AJSA as the Rescue Watercraft Manager as his abilities weren't as they had been described. Unfortunately for Daz, Lisa Barsby had also lied to him about the X games opportunity.

The two of them got together and blamed us for all their problems in the world. Daz told Christensen Barsbys lies and the two of them went busily scurrying around telling anyone that was stupid enough to listen to them.

We understand this has gone on ever since. The two (mentally aged school boys) have milked these lies created by Barsby with anyone that will listen to them.

So why am I spelling this out for everyone?

Well firstly it doesn't really bother me. These two are well reputed at not being worth holding a chat with by most people that meet them.

However Lisa Barsby has caused some people to be hurt by this.
Recently there was a very concerning case involving someone with a history of health issues.

10. Jeff Christenson approached the staff at our local Seadoo dealership who we used to work with regularly.
Jeff told them the lies that Lisa started. He convinced them that we were the bad ones and conned averyone.
Naturally, this was so Jeff could make himself look good to them in the hope of getting a Ski or something we suspect.
Some were silly enough to believe the meth ex-con and decided to tell any customers at risk of coming to us or that had been to us historically.

In most Jet Ski Dealerships, at management level, there is very few people who get involved in other peoples businesses. They know how customers sometimes lie and that there's often an explanation.

However the staff are commonly less experienced and tend to suffer juvenile competitive jealously. If they loose a customer they'll bag them. They often knock customers to other customers too.
For example there was one woman who found out that her spark plugs had been accidentally not replaced at service.

This was immediately corrected but she continued to bag them for many months thereafter. What she didn't know was that she had been overheard by a staff member of the dealer, at tipplers doing this one day and that the entire shop despised her. She continued to visit there often to enjoy the attention. Never knowing how much they despised and joked about her behind her back. Again school boy behavior.

Now back to the serious stuff and the reason for this clarification post.

A couple of months ago a couple who rode with us regularly had some problems with their Ski. They were unhappy with the dealer for some reason and asked us to look after it for them.

Jordan diagnosed the stator was not charging and the work was authorized to replace it. Jordan changed the stator and gave them a short term replacement battery to get back on the water. They knew the risk of the battery failing and also knew we recommended further work on the Ski pump. None of which they wanted to do as the woman had been let go from her work.

The old battery failed and they wanted their original failed battery back to take to the dealer and try to claim warranty on it. Jordan advised it wasn't warranty but they tried anyway.
When they went there the dealer staffer advised them that Jeff Langford assured him that I was a con and that we had done the wrong thing by them. This was a complete lie. We had even passed the job through to them at a heavily discounted cost.
The woman customer had what resembled somewhat of an awful dip in mental health and proceeded to abuse me and carry on. She is of course now continuing to spread Lisa Barsbys lies anywhere she can but I'm told her health has been severely effected - This infuriates me as we liked her and care about her.

Lisa Barsby you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

I feel that I had to publish this as Lisa Barsby will continue to cause harm and damage. Of course she is well supported by Jeff and Daz with schoolboy IQ's and their very few friends but it was her greed and lies that started this after all.

My hope is that Lisa will now be held to account for trying to rip off an event from us and that the lies being spread by Jeff Christenson/Langford and Daz Keal will finaly cease.

We have considered legal action against these two but they literally have nothing to loose. Lisa may be looked at if she doesn't come forward with an apology (perhaps after she re-checks her facts) but with her UK residency taking action isn't easy. Perhaps she may visit here one day ;)

Anyone engaging in this type of behavior needs to understand how this can effect people way down the line!

If you or anyone reading this is suffering abuse or bullying there is an excellent resource here:
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Jet Ski Club

For the record we've had almost 3000 customers over the years and this is the first time there's ever been a problem.

People should consider not everyone is well and stable and that spreading lies can seriously hurt people.

Injurious Falsehood = #LisaBarsby #JeffChristenson #DazKeal


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Well said & about time these people were exposed for what they are dcr